How do I determine which food sector my food business falls into?

When determining which food sector your food business falls into, consideration should be given to the predominant activity of the food business, prior to undertaking the required food safety supervisor competencies.

Businesses that generally fall into the 'food processing' sector are those businesses considered to be a manufacturer as defined in the Food Act 2006.

It should be noted that in relation to food, manufacture does not include preparing food at a particular food business for retail sale at that food business, including for immediate consumption. 

This includes food prepared at a restaurant kitchen for consumption by a patron in the restaurant or a bakery shop handling and selling food at that bakery shop. These food businesses would fall under the 'retail & hospitality' sector for the purposes of acquiring the required competencies.

The 'health & community services' sector includes food businesses preparing or selling food for vulnerable populations, including nursing homes, hospitals and child care centres.

The 'transport & distribution' sector includes those food businesses that are not preparing food, but handling food by way of storing food in warehouses or transporting food. This sector includes distribution centres and water carriers.

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