Why do I have to do the practical Supervisor Validation forms?

There are mandated requirements in the evidence guide of the Unit of Competence regarding context of and specific resources for assessment. The training package requirements for the practical assessment are for the use of real products, materials and equipment.

These requirements are across the board for all industries. They apply to all methods of training delivery including on-line. Anyone completing this course anywhere in Australia must adhere to this.

To finalise your assessment you must complete the Supervisor Validations downloaded from the course site.

For your information...


"Methods of assessment

A range of assessment methods should be used to assess practical skills and knowledge. The following examples are appropriate for this unit:

• direct observation of the candidate carrying out work tasks that involve following hygiene procedures

• oral and written questions about hygiene principles and practices, policies and procedures

• oral or written questions to assess knowledge of food hygiene legislative requirements

• case studies to assess ability to react to a range of incidents where hygiene hazards exist

• review of portfolios of evidence and third-party workplace reports of on-the-job performance by the candidate".

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